its a block eat block world out there, figuratively speaking

I take a break from my evening grind of catching up on tech/game news to mention 2 interesting blocky games in development, both of which where tweeted by @notch, so if you follow him on twitter no doubt you’ve already seen the gameplay videos, but in case you haven’t there is the blocky rpg “Cube World” which you can follow the blog of development at Even though the title isn’t available for download, the developer has shown off some video of his cute blocky world and it looks pretty, with some clever questing and fighting thrown in. The indie dev has using c++ as the programming language and direct X, the latter means it will not be a simple port to other platforms but he has said a future version for mac is planned. Though quite when is another story as the developer is about to start at Mojang, the company founded by @notch the creator and publisher of Minecraft. If you like what he’s doing in Cube World don’t be too disappointed with his new employment though, he has said he will still be working on his indie title.

The second game is Castle Story, a game by 2 Developers from Canada, see This little gem is a Real Time Strategy (RTS) style mine and build game set on floating islands in the sky. In the sampler video one of the developers walks us through sending men off to build a wall, and some others to mine for the materials, then he hsows us a castle he made earlier and then blows it up. So castles in the sky, reminds me of something hehe. It looks really good, and is one too look out for.

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