So, with the Mega CD in place, it’s time to build the library. And actually , the main CD beauts are already in the eBay saved searches, so it’s the Mega Drive list I need to craft.

Some are obvious of course – but remembering the awesome but not obvious list of beauts is the real challenge. A two second starter list below. Suggestions?

Toejam and Earl
EA Hockey
Desert Strike
Sonic 2

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4 Responses to #Wishlist

  1. Dibbs says:

    Streets of Rage 2 and Gunstar Heroes surely must go on the wish list.

  2. Dibbs says:

    Rocket Knight, Road Rash 2, Robocop vs Terminator, just a few more less obvious ones (probably) off the top of my head. I need to have a look through my selection to remember properly. Or just not be really tired right now. Aladdin. That was good. No, I’m too tired.

  3. bedgell says:

    Road rash 2 – good shout. Considerable step up from road rash… The crazy black bike was in the second one right?

    Earthworm jim? Ecco the dolphin? Rainbow islands? Strider?

    Phantasy Star, Shining force – never played em and probably can’t find em but…

    • Dibbs says:

      Yeah, Phantasy Star IV looks really good. Those games are usually pretty steep though, but could be worth a punt. There was also another really good RPG/adventure kinda game called Story of Thor. That one was a beaut.

      Road Rash 2 did indeed have the black bike in it. That was awesome fun.

      Strider’s a good shout, still pretty decent. Earthworm Jim is good too. Rocket Knight is one that must be sought out, it’s awes!

      Dynamite Heady and Castlevania were also pretty decent. Alien Soldier was good but is now expensive, but it’s by Treasure. Hard as nails though. Virtua Racing was always fun.

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