Oh oh…


eBay is a dangerous place.

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  1. lartens says:

    Ooooh indeed matey. Ebay’s auctions ended feature does report as resent as a few hours. looks more like 14 so I can’t take a sneaky ganders at the price, but with games it must be nearly a ton. Though you put the bud on last week, surely you didn’t bid high right off the bat?

  2. lartens says:

    I can still remember the boot fiar with snatcher, and Matt already had it and I didn’t have a mega cd, but goo some are going for £150. I don’t think they wanted more than 20 dabloons at the boot fair. Shucks

    • Dibbs says:

      I was thinking more like a couple of quid! I don’t think they really knew what it was since it was just chucked in a bucket of junk. And that was still in the days where there wasn’t really any interest in those old games – except from us of course! Whatever it would’ve been, I guess we’ll never know now, but it still grinds my Grig as an error that will haunt me. Sigh!

  3. Dibbs says:

    18 games? Nice haul! What are they?

  4. bedgell says:

    Well that’s the thing – I’ve so far only been bidding on systems with good games because when you get into buying them individually it really racks up. And… Well this system really doesn’t. Apart from the golden axe classics cd, I don’t think there’s a good game amongst them. Not horrendous but… Now need sonic cd, snatcher, and final fight as the starter… Still – the big thing here was I wanted the system before they got actually rare.

  5. bedgell says:

    But as for price… Well… A megadrive and mega cd combo tend to go for more – I’ve seen em as cheap as 80 quid with maybe only a basic handful of games… So this is an ok price – but once I know price, I do put my max in and then don’t bid up. Saves be pain of losing an auction by a few quid because someone big your maximum instead of you… The trouble here was that I didn’t really clock the quality of the games – i’d probably have gone 80/90 max if I’d really thought about it… Ah well. I think I have some megadrive games still from my phantom megadrive, and now I get the fun of searching for the games! If I get a good bonus I’m putting a ton / 150 aside for snatcher – it’s only gonna get more expensive!!

  6. bedgell says:

    Mega CD games

    Sol-Feace with instructions

    Cobra Command with instructions

    Sega Classics Arcade Collection which includes Golden Axe, Super Monaco GP, Streets of Rage, Columns, The Revenge of Shinobi with instructions

    Road Avenger with instructions

    NBA Jam with instructions (case is not good with this one)

    Mega Drive games


    Jurassic Park

    Fifa Soccer with instructions

    Mega Games 1 which includes Columns, Super Hang-On, World Cup Italia ‘90 with Columns & World Cup Italia ’90 instructions

    Alien 3

    Home Alone with instructions


    • Dibbs says:

      Not too bad. Ghostbusters on the Megadrive is a good game. There were a couple of Jurrasic Park games, but I’m assuming its the first which is… kinda ok. Alien 3 is good. The arcade collection disc I like, and I roll it out every now and again. The thing I like about it is that it’s got cleaner speech samples in Streets of Rage 1 than the cartridge release which I prefer, especially in the boss music which incorporates a sample into the music. And you can’t sniff at Revenge of Shinobi. Utter hwality!

  7. bedgell says:

    Yeah that disc is good – just also really easy to pick up for cheap. Haven’t played shinobi in about 20 years so that’s cool. Keep your eyes peeled for any mega cd games tho – he hunt is now totally on!

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