Everyone else blogged about the portable dreamcast, why can’t we

portable dreamcastHands up if you’re the last gaming blogging platform to mention the portable Dreamcast being hand made by some peeps over in the orient. ME ME ME! That’s right, the last ever Sega Beast machine with the orange swirl (unless you bought the English one) is unofficially coming to your hands soon for the meager price of ¥38,000 or 283.319 GBP. Errrr yeah, maybe i’ll skip it.

None of the sites i looked at had much to say about it http://thesegasource.wordpress.com/, www.joystiq.com, www.andriasang.com, so i can’t tell you if its got the GD-ROM on the back or just using iso’s or what, i can say that it doesn’t look worth it, maybe if it was £100 just to play Shenmue on the train, maybe? meh

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6 Responses to Everyone else blogged about the portable dreamcast, why can’t we

  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    I want one! But not for that price. Or with those buttons that stick out too far. Still, would be cool to play Daytona and stuff on the go!

    • bedgell says:

      We want twitter tags!! But we don’t really want one of these – by when we prob own or will own all the decent games on another platform already. Although even as I write that I’m thinking that by it’s size it probably does run the discs – and if it did and I could use all those old games that are under the bed, that’d be pretty goddamn cool. Er, tho has there ever been a portable that ran discs? Surely be talking major skipping issues… Unless you could install?

      Oh man, see i should stop thinking about this as it’s too much money anyway!

      I’ve just got a weird hankering to play jet set radio!

  2. lartens says:

    stupid thing lost my title, only just noticed. as for a portable with a disc, someone made a gamecube portable device once where the disc span on the back.

    funny u mention jet set radio, i never got into it but it seems a popular choice for people to come back to, or atleast mention its one they come back to. some one needs to make a handheld pc in the style of a handheld console. then we can run all the emulators off it. i’d be happy if i could play saturn games anywhere. You know i recon the nub on the 3ds or psp would actually work well for nights, they should port the original nights to 3ds. that’s it, thats what it needs.

    • Dibbs Ahoy says:

      I noticed Tobin from Noobtoob talk about JSR – ’twas a cool game, though i never got massively into it. Think i got all of them though strangely.
      Off the subject – everything’s different!
      Even more off the subject, do you guys remember Bettina and Game Network? Man that was a really lame channel, yet was oddly awesome at the time! Yeah, that was really random.

    • Dibbs Ahoy says:

      Scratch that about everything being different – I thought you’d done a redesign, but it turns out my compuer sucks and wasn’t displaying the blog correctly.

      • admin says:

        nope its not your computer, it was me messing around, basically html 5 isnt finished yet, and the validator i check the site against decided that certain things were not valid any more, and i spent some time working out what was wrong in the theme and what was wrong in wordpress. had to switch themes to test that out, that’s all. So a note to you both. there’s a new no no when inserting images, if you see rel=”attatchemet blah blah” delete that bit, it ain’t valid yo. ive got about anohter 120 posts to go back through and delete e vouz.

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