Tax credits for R & D in the games industry. Great

Now i have no idea about economics, politics and most things important to society, so when it says “tax credits” i have no idea what that means, but i know enough that something is better than nothing. This is the relevant part of the new Budget for game studios.

But when places like Canada get proper tax breaks, their industry grows 33%. When the coalition government came in the plans for proper tax reliefs were scrapped and this is the best we can get. Apparently the UK game industry has declined 9% over the last couple of years. Cheers for that, great, we’ve already seen Bizzare Creations go out of business just months ago. Bizzare most known for their Project Gotham series were one of the best home grown studios we have, along with Rockstar and the people who done burnout i think.

We need better tax breaks in our gaming industry when 2nd rate developers like trayarch break records for best selling video game of all time, even becoming one of the few media products to bring in over a billions dollars of revenue in such a short amount of time. Hello government, incourage the gaming industry over here please, there maybe some money in it.

Yes i pick on trayarch as 2nd rate purely because infinity ward who developed the first game in the franchise are clearly the better development team, and who also brought us the highly popular modern warfare versions of the same franchise. Sadly Infinity ward is now barely infinity ward as atleast 42 employees resigned after two of the main developers were fired based on “breaches of contract and insubordination”. There is now an ongoing legal battle between these developer/designers against activision. A sad tale as infinity ward clearly paved the way to success for the call of duty franchise from day 1,¬†and Activision was originally setup to be the first third party publisher for games on home video game consoles like the atari 2600. The next stage of these legal preceedings are scheduled for may 23 2011.

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