Sega America, rare swag on ebay proceeds to red cross charity

Sega america are putting up some seriously rare items on ebay in order to help raise money for the red cross in light of the tsunami/earthquake dissaster that hit japan nearly 2 weeks ago.

Items of exceptional note are the dreamcast hoodie, dreamcast console bag, one of a kind outrun art signed by yu suzuki and a load of Yakuza 4 rarities. There was also a Nights pillow case, but as this turns out to be journey of dreams, i think i’ll give this a miss. And the Dreamcast hoodie is already at $338 with 6 days remaining, the bag is at $102.50. The ebay shop can be found at and here is the official video showing these bad boys off.

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1 Response to Sega America, rare swag on ebay proceeds to red cross charity

  1. bedgell says:

    See, i like this. I been after one of those dreamcast hoodies for ages via the competitions they run on twitter but no joy – would love to grab one here and double up by helping the quake victims. But it’s a bit rich for benny boy

    So how’s about just flogging a load of em for charity at a single price eh Sega? I’d be up for that!!

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