Steam daily sales are goooood, magicka, super meat boy and half life and valve sets on the cheap

half life sale on steam
The steam summer sale is now on hehe. Those of you with a steam account will no doubt know there’s a good deal to be had most days, but today is a particualrly good day, there’s a valve pack of 24 games which includes the likes of portal 2, left for dead 1 and 2, counter-strike, half life you name it, all for £24.99, that’s 82% off fool. if that’s too rich how about just the half life games and team fortress classic for £6.74, if you’ve never played any of the half life series how about shelling out £1.49 to see how it began with half life 1, as that didnt come with the orange box i haven’t even played it, and i’m gonna get it, there’s just one catch, the site isn’t currently letting me, maybe it’s falling over and by morning it’ll be sorted, it wants to be sorted, i want my bargains, i’m also thinking magicka, packages of 66% off, there’s just the game at £2.71, a four pack so you can give your friends it as a gift for £8.15, or you can get a pack with a load of addons for £5.75. Bargains the lot of them, there’s plenty more on offer so go check it out, it looks like some end at 18:00 hours tomorrow. Also Note that although super meat boy is on sale, it’s best played with a control pad, so for that reason i recomend purchasing it on xbox.

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