Dead Island Screens Heat Up Debate

Dead Island fever continues to hot up a treat – but some early previewers are getting the cold sweats over the game’s direction.

These new screens give us at Grig Towers the chills – in that lush, 1/8th-of-an-orgasm-sneeze kinda way (especially Stockings up there with the pipe and that… Hummana!) But even we could get queasy if a game that’s been so lauded off the back of its awesome debut trailer turns out to be little more than an effective viral.

As we flagged from the start – don’t get too excited til you’ve played it. Sadly, those that have (well, those that have seen it in action at least) are thinking Dead Island‘s generic hack’n’slash and jaunty feel are at odds with the sweeping epic it’s been positioned to be. But who knows – Techland don’t have an extensive pedigree but they have shown their creative flair just in the way they’ve put the game out there. They’ve clearly got something – it’s worth the wait to find out what.

For now, apply a cold flannel and medicate twice-daily with this range of new screens. Dr. Grig will be along with his diagnosis shortly.

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