Hurrah for SEGA and their mind-boggling mysteries! Over at their blog, they’re running a competition to guess what retro title they’re about to announce for PS3 release – all you have to do is watch the vid and guess what they could POSSIBLY be driving at.

And by god if it isn’t blindingly obvious that their big secret is… DAYTONA! Hurrah!

Still, that would be bigger news if it was even the tiniest bit secret – and if the GRiG hadn’t already broken the story weeks ago that the classic driver would be getting a multiplatform release. But hey, quibbles aside – who’s gonna turn down the chance to hear a Japanese guy singing? Not me you fools!

Sing Japanese guy! SING!

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2 Responses to ROLLING STAAAART!

  1. lartens says:

    rolling start ahoy hoy. it brings a smile, i read the comments that someone else also wants daytona 2 and scud race on it. although that would be good, it taken until now for there to be a playable version on a high end computer. This really should of happened sooner. They also need to remake sega rally properly too, the desert on the recent Sega Rally arcade online release was very disappointing.

    We want accurate porting of arcade classics. With a choice of upping the res or not.

    • bedgell says:

      Yeah I really wAnt scud race – more than DAYTONA if I’m honest. (and no iPhone I DONT want you to put DAYTONA in uppercase every time. I just wanted to do it THAT ONE TIME!!!)

      I’ve kind of DONE DAYTONA so although I want it – DAYTONA 2 and scud race would be something new. Plus I only ever played scud race about twice before it disappeared…

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