Sdatcher Part 2 – Done Properly!

Happy news Sdatcher fans, as the second instalment of everyone’s favourite cyberpunk radiodrama is now available as a fully translated YouTube – just as the Lord God intended. And once more, the wonderful zajunker has done an ace job of capturing Hideo Kojima’s work.

The second instalment surprises from the off as the toilet-dwelling foe from Act 1 makes his intentions clear… We get our first taster of the mysterious Rug Hunt (raising hopes of scenes based in IKEA. “I’m looking for a mat. Ooh, this one’s nice…” etc) and there’s even a welcome cameo from everyone’s favourite Jackass prankster, Steevo (well, the high-pitched, Japanese docker version…)

Only two episodes in and Sdatcher is tense and brutal already – and the Boys of The PlayGrig Mansion are loving it. In fact, we’re so excited about the return to Neo Kobe that we simply can not go on living without a Snatcher sequel. So if you haven’t already joined our campaign, do so now and let’s tell Konami what a great idea it’d be.

PS Any sequel must include Katrina shower scenes. Just so we’re clear.


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