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Today seems like a good day to talk about upcoming games, pre order prices and some deals on some past games of yonder.

advert for valvesoftware portal and half life 2 episode 2 deal on steam

First up is Half life 2 – episode 2 on sale on steam, head on over to and sign up or log in to view prices in GBP, currency is US Dollars by default, atleast for me, maybe it’s an isp proxy thing i don’t know. anyway, said game is a beautiful 75% off until thursday 4pm pacific time. Though as it’s NOT currently letting me go through with the transaction saying there is an error, i cannot vouch for it actually happening, the deal must be soo good its screwing with their servers. I joke, there’s loads of big games making their way for pre orders, including portal 2, with a pre order price of £26.99 at 10% off, and with a free copy of portal, the first one, which if you have it already, and you really should, then you can give it to a friend. This is a great deal considereing amazon have this pc/mac pre order price for 1p shy of £30 bones, and an rrp of £35.

With the previous news that the PS3 version of portal 2 will gain you a free steam version, i think i may hold out for this one. And ofcourse the XBOX 360 version as that’s where my achievemo’s are at. Word.

Currently have portal 2 at 39.99 for ps3 and xbox 360.

On the SEGA front though, £22.99 upfront now will get you 4 games in 1 disc with the dreamcast collection due out on friday the 25th of February. Had i not already purchased 2 of the games on xbox live i would say this is a good deal, especially as Space channel five was a really good game for what it was. Sonic adventure was a huge game, a little buggy and shoddy voice acting but still great none the less. sega bass fishing well, its good but no Crazy taxi. I mean the latter has a song especially about it by Aminal. check out for more on that little beaut.

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5 Responses to Prices prices Portals prices

  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    The gaming community screams out for Shen Mue, and Sega hears Sega Bass Fishing. No wonder Sega ran themselves and every franchise they’ve ever made into the ground.
    Can’t wait for DC Collection 2 with Pen Pen and Godzilla on it. I actually would not be surprised.

  2. lartens says:

    haha, i know you’re joking, but i always wanted that godzilla game lol, and pen pen tri icelon had such an appealing graphical style. I do tend to lean towards the cookeyness of the japanese style more than you do though.

  3. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    Ha ha, yeah I know you liked them – that’s how I remember them, otherwise time would have healed those scars!
    I’m sure they’ll do one with some decent games on at some point, and not just another lazy rehash of games mostly already on xbla. I really dont know who’s making these decisions though. Sega are just awful now. They’ve actually reduced me to the point where I would be upset to hear they were making a new streets of rage as it would be guaranteed to be atrocious without question. What they did to nights was bad enough.

  4. bedgell says:

    Crazy taxi xbox is a winner but the rest are filler – wouldn’t mind a chu chu rocket game though. Haha

  5. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    Not worth posting as an article but there’s a new DC Collection trailer on Eurogamer.
    It’s worth looking up for the comments alone just to see all the comments of gutted DC fans at this poor release. And the DC logo rendered in a fetching shade of brown. Yes, brown. Why Sega? Why?

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