Make your bed and sleep in it, and scaevolus McRegion? Minecraft is updated to 1.3 in beta

Loaded up my original map on minecraft to be greeted with the mesage “Converting World to Scaevolus McRegion” and an extra option in the err options menu for lighting.

There seems to be a fair amount of traffic to this site with keywords scaevolus mcregion. And somebody had a corrupt update, there are some possible things to try in the comments ALWAYS BACK FILES UP FIRST, but basically, scaevolus originally wrote a converter for the chunks to the new region formats but minecraft uses a different extension for them. By changing the .mcr region file to .data files the converter can convert back to the original chunk type, hopefully this can fix some problems when minecraft reconverts them, or enable you to use some of the tools people made for the old type, though majong have some code for tool makers to add apparently to use the new chunk format.

Now let’s play minecraft woo hoo, unfortunately the destructoid server is still on the old build 🙁 so i fire up my own server and connect to that instead, so far none of that dropping nonsense with the time thing blah blah blah. Now what new treats and goodies has notch left us?

Apart from the new splash screen and some serverside whitelisting, there should be a make your own bed and skip the night if all of us are sleeping, hurrah, no more scarey creepers sneaking up outside my door.
Right, whats gonna be the logical way to make a bed, i’m thinking some sticks wood and some wool, who’s with me?

‘Kay, well it wasn’t quite that but it’s still pretty intuitive, however the first 2 times i tried to sleep i got woken up by a skeleton and a zombie, but third times a charm and hey presto it’s morning again. This time i made a little glass enclosure for my safety 🙂

There are also 3 half size blocks and a new redstone Delay/Repeater for the circuit builders out there. I personally just dig my hole, or make my glass bridge, i know i’m lame, but there’s nothing better than the thrill of finding legitimate diamond. As the advertisment showed. you know the one i mean, with the kid

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  1. Jonathan says:

    this happened to me a few minutes ago, but after it had converted, when i entered the world, my screen was just black, but i could still see my inventory bit at the bottom. I couldn’t move either. Then it changed to lots of writing saying ” ERROR! MINECRAFT HAS CRASHED! ” WTF is this! now i can’t play minecraft, what do i do, plz help! thanks

  2. fgsdgdsf says:


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