Gears Of War 3 Packshot Revealed

Packshot ahoy!

News on Gears Of War 3 has been trickling out for over a year now – but aside from the Ashes to Ashes trailer and the avatar items on XBL (remember when you could vote for Clayton Carmine to die by buying a t-shirt?!), there’s been little tangible proof that the game was indeed headed to our shores in time for it’s mooted April 8th release date.

But fret no more COG-fans!

Because GRiG ORiG is proud to show you this lovely picture of pack! Admittedly, this looks almost identical to the last two games so it’s not much to cream your crackers over – but with news that Gears 3 will be the final chapter of the 12-million selling ├╝ber-franchise, featuring four-player co-op and even a voiceover from Grammy-nominated hip-hopster Drake, it’s clear that Epic are pulling out all the stops for an massive send-off. And with COD, Halo, and Killzone all making huge strides since Gears enjoyed its first moment in the FPS spotlight, this is gonna have to be big just to compete.

Here’s hoping…

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  1. bedgell says:

    Lord alone knows why they’ve been saying April 8th – only 5 months out then… Hehehe

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