Ludum Dare August 2011 is over and sleep is good

The competition for rapid game development is over, for now. My humble attempt can be found here it’s called twister, as the them was escape, though you can’t actually escape it as it gets faster and mows you down lol. Its almost what was submitted, but to make it more playable i fixed some bugs this morning. The game was coded in actionscript and is a flash based game. The bugs are what was most disappointing about the game, although my simple game wasn’t difficult to code, i didnt spend as much time on it as i could have this weekend, and that is what really let me down, something that i will no doubt still do when Decemeber comes round for another crack at the competition, in the mean time though i can judge the other entrants, one of which is notch from mojang, he done a nice little dungeon crawler titled “Prelude of the Chambered”, you can get the src and find links to play it from Anyone intereseted in my official entry on ludum dare and links to the source can do so from where somefolks have already played it and commented 🙂

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