Dead Island Meets Shaun – Hurrah!

Fan fiction works ever faster on t’interweb with this superb Shaun Of The Dead mash-up already hitting YouTube and

Unbelievably, it’s just a week since the ace Dead Island trailer was lobbed like a hunk of undead rock into the sleepy games trailer millpond, but already the ripples have spread to calls for movie versions, huge hype for (what is, remember, an unplayed) Xbox / ps3 title and, now, a nod from that archetype of the zombie flick: Shaun of the Dead, and its beloved co-creator, Edgar Wright.

It’s a mighty fine effort, but does contain spoilers meaning, if you’re wise enough to have seen the movie then press on in satisfied glee – but if not, self-apply a reproachful slap, go watch it, and we’ll see you here in 99 minutes…

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