Minecraft Pocket Edition to get survival mode

Mojang, the company behind the hugely popular (and main reason we get any visitors) Minecraft, have announced that the pocket Edition of Minecraft that is currently available on Android an iOS is going through some changes, bassed on feedback form the fans who wanted more than just creative mode.

Apparently the Pocket edition has been design/coded in a way that makes this not quite as simple as you might believe, but it will make its way to us. A February date has been named for submission to the respective market place and app store, where we can expect some mobs, though not so much of the crafting yet, as the GUI would have to be changed.

There was no word on weather they would allow login to you normal minecraft servers eventually, which is really what i’d like, though in all honesty, i never get the time to play anymore, and i personally don’t think the mobile edition is worth the time, unless its to view creations while on the go.

The best part about minecraft is mining for resources, only that doesnt matter in multiplayer as you can give yourself anything, and in creative you already have a whole bunch of stuff. i’d like the limitations of 1 player mode, but in a multiplayer world, where you have to earn what you build. Yeah i could just not make myself an op, buuuut, i don’t have that kinda will power, just wish that was what was the official game. Oh well.

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