Fez gets April 13th XBLA release

Wait a cotton picking minute, the Grig has new posts barely a day apart, what gives? Fez release date thats what, 800 Microsoft points on the unusual release day of a friday, eh? Those crazy indie devs just don’t know how to fall in line, hehe.

Fez is a very 8 bit like retro graphicly game, with gameplay that is primarily a platform side scroller which can turn around the environment in 4 steps until you are back on the view you were at, giving the player a hint to the perspective to which the game character Gomez can jump the platforms which in a 3d space wouldnt be inline but from a side on view is, and that is what counts. if that makes sense. You know what,i pucture paints a thousand words, and if you string 25 of them along per second and give the illusion of movement, then that’s even better. here goes, embeding from vimeo

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