Grig News – Sainsburys sale, Gootecks, PS4!

Oh woe betide thy once pure shores that lapped the Isle of Grig! For indeed, news of video-gamery has swelled once again to bursting point and it’s time for the Grig to start siphoning out the updates worthy of our readerships attention! There’s no Minecraft stuff mind you, so if that’s why you’re here, you best just move along.

Just me left then? Sigh….

Sainsburys deals ahoy!

Since Street Fighter X Tekken turned out to be a huge let down that was more about Capcom trying to rip off its fanbase than it was about making a good game, we have sauntered on to pastures anew. Now there’s only so much Draw Something a man can take, and even more so shuttling 8-bit style stereotypes up and down my meagre 50 odd floors in Tiny Tower (Yeah, I said ‘new pastures’, not ‘good pastures’. See what Capcom have done to me?!). But apparently, in the past two years of only playing SSFIV, there were actually other games on real consoles that came out. Many of these were able to be attained in the recent Game fire sale for a pittance which stocked me up nicely for avoiding going out through the summer. But what of more recent titles, I hear you cry. Well looks like Sainsburys is looking to get in on the action with a few gleaming stones of their own!
Here’s a rundown of the dealery currently on offer:

– PlayStation 3 console: £164.99
– 3DS console: £124.99
– FIFA 12: £26.99
– Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics Wii: £20.99
– Assassin’s Creed: Revelations: £17.99
– Final Fantasy 13-2: £14.99
– Just Dance 3: £14.99
– Mario Kart 7: £27.99
– Super Mario 3DS Land: £27.99
– Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics 3DS: £27.99
– Black Eyed Peas Experience: £12.99

(by the way, you should note that a lot of these seemed to be for 360, except obviously the Nintendo stuff, at least in the store I went to, though that could’ve been an error)

Interesting. There’s certainly… er… a game in there. Probably. So yeah, it’s kind of a poor batch, but personally as a big Final Fantasy fan, it’s kinda hard to sniff at 15 mooltags for XIII-2. And while many have shunned the series and couldn’t care less, I will remind anyone with even a passing interest that Japan-based Famitsu gave it 40/40, so could be one for like minded anime fans among you!

Gootecks quits Cross Counter

Any Street Fighter dudes among you will probably already be wiping a tear over today’s news that one of the most renowned FGC figureheads has walked away from the very thing he himself had a huge hand in creating.

For those of you who dont know, Gootecks and his compadre Mike Ross were the stars of many an online show. From taking SSFIV and MvC3 online in hilarious manner in Excellent/Marvellous adventures, to interviewing top players on Cross Counter Live, to hosting great community events such as Bar Fights. The chemistry between the two was always great, always a great laugh, and the shows brought a lot of people in to a scene that they didn’t even know existed. It’s certainly worth going through the old shows if you’re new to what they do!

Capcom sure have a lot to be thankful to these guys for as their efforts certainly grew the community and earned the aforementioned company a pretty penny, even if everything Capcom have done since has been a disgrace.

So, whatever the reasons are, and there are plenty of conspirators already rooting through every detail trying to get to the bottom of it, all we will do here at Grig is doff our hats and say, ‘Thank you sir. Jolly good show. You did indeed, keep it classy.’

That would’ve worked better if he mained Dudley. ‘Soul Spiral’? Nothing you can do with it….


Rounding off today’s proceedings is a little item about a release that’s likely to slip under the gaming radar called the PS4. Or is it? For indeed, sources today have been relaying info left right and centre declaring in unison that said machine is trying to sneak into bars and get served with ID stating the name ‘Orbis’.

Now whatever this mother will be called, and let’s face it, it’s going to likely be PS4, the info today gave a bit more food for thought than just its title. Obviously the specs doing the rounds show beastly horse power and insane resolutions, but there was also something extra. Namely, as revealed on Kotaku, the machine ‘won’t offer backwards compatibility, will feature anti-used games measures’.

Now this is not the first time we’ve heard mutterings of such nature. A few weeks ago similar stories were doing the rounds about the new Xbox, even though such a thing was deemed unlikely in reality. But could Sony just be bold enough? Certainly the preowned online pass shenanigans already rearing its ugly head this gen would likely come in to play more than a complete lockout, but who knows? Blu-Ray and digital versions have been touted, and given the current direction, this seems a likely outcome, but talk of games being essentially secured to one account is an interesting one to chew over. Still, the days of being able to take a game to your mates is practically gone now anyway with all the DLC schemery going on. Ho hum!

If there’s one thing the dwindling days of the current crop has taught me, it’s to expect the worst, coz if it’s bad for our wallets and minutely better for a games company, it’s probably true. I’ve already resigned myself to not being part of whatever the industry is cooking up for the next leap based off of what’s already going on today, but never say never. But for the sake of our fans (fan? Anyone?), we wait. Just without much hope.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to see if the Vegan food shops been restocked in Tiny Tower. Yeah, video games 2012 FTW.

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  1. lartens says:

    Is it not bad enough i have to keep the monster of the original xbox for dead or alive beach volleyball, but now i’ll have to keep the ps2 for ff vii and an english grandia, ps3 which i barely use anyway for ni no kuni which isnt even out for another 9 months, plus the new xbox, new ps4/orbis and the wii U, i’m gonna need a rotating shelf unit like wall-e has, but won’t work because all of the cables.

    Don’t get me started on the pre owned shizzle!

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