Feeling the Urge…


So, I came this close to getting a 3DS today – would be my first console in, ooh, a year. Pretty exciting times as it goes.

See, I set myself a challenge / dare / agreement. I couldn’t spend anything in my bank or wallet as i’m incredibly skint – so actually buying anything other than bread and water at the moment is just pure craziness. But I could spend anything lying about the house…

So. I took all my change in little bags to the bank (86 dibloons. woohoo!), cashed in some winning beaut scratch cards (8 dibbers. cha-ching!) and swapped back some useless-ass euros for good old fashioned British stirling (28 dollars worth of it, too!) giving me a grand total of £130. (Shush. I know it adds up to less than that. But there was also some other change in my pocket. That totally counts.)

But the other thing was, I had to be able to get the machine and either Mario / Mario Kart / Zelda / Animal Crossing and not settle for any buh.

animal_crossing_4_by_draes-d56rapu vs. buh29ad2

Animal Crossing versus Buh, yesterday.

And blow me if you could’t get a console and game for £160 which is actually pretty darn good. But wouldn’t ya know – none of them were the classics I was after. There was Street Fighter, Professor Layton (snicker) or Dead or Alive which were all tempting… (I don’t know if DoA is any good on the 3DS. But knowing those jigglers were in my pocket? Sweet.) But just not quite good enough. See, if you’re gonna do something on a whim, it kinda has to be the right thing. I know full well if I’d have got one of those I’d have had to spend another £30 next week getting one of the ones I actually wanted. So, that looked like a dead end.

But did you know you could get a 2DS for only £89?! No game, but way cheaper, so if you then bought a game it’d only be, like £130. Which is what I had! So that was ALSO tempting – because let’s face it, I’m going to turn the 3D off after about 5 minutes. But three things: it’s too big, as it doesn’t fold; and even though it’s newer, it feels older. What if I was strolling about with my 2D setup and some punk kid rocks along with his 3D all on show? He’s be like all laughing, and calling me grandad, and asking where my zimmer frame was. Oh the shame! So … no ta.

A reason to hate 3D, yesterday.

Still. That cash has now been allocated to gaming. So where to take it game-fans? Back to the old eBay Mega CD / Game Cube mission? Maybe extend that bidding plan to a 3DS now? Or put the money towards my credit card bill and go play the Last of Us / Ni No Kuni for more than 10 minutes considering I spent 200 quid on Playstation 3 things last year and they’re just sat there gathering dust? (Actually, totally not true as I’ve totally watched 2 Blu-Rays and a few things on 4oD using my PS3… That’s more usage than the 360 has had… hehe…)

Anyway. Answers on a postcard please.

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4 Responses to Feeling the Urge…

  1. bedgell says:

    Just on that theme – what is going on with this listing?! (notice how he says “will list better next time”… what the…?!


    • Dibbs says:

      That’s… pretty weird.

      Mega CD is a fine bit of kit, and they’re starting to seriously pick up in price, so could be worth an investment now. Saying that, the good games are also going up in price a bit too so that would be extra. This actually reminds me I have a completed Mega CD post I need to put on Grig.

      2DS is a cheap way into the 3DS universe, but I’d feel like a second rate citizen knowing its not the full on 3DS. Sorta like how I’d be pained to ever own a non-OLED Vita by getting the crappy new model. I’d just know in the back of my mind and it would grind my Grig.

      3DS is a good option, plus it’s got some good games now. But if it were me, I’d be after the 3DS XL, coz I saw one and it really makes a difference over the standard one. Not that I can talk. I’ve still only got the first crappy regular DS.

      So to conclude… I’m no help whatsoever.

      • bedgell says:

        yeah i’m just being lazy and not typing the XL letters. i was tempted to cut 20 quid off and buy the original, but i just couldn’t handle having old tech… plus the screen looks good and crisp on the XL

        • lartens says:

          As a 3DS owner I highly recommend not getting street fighter for it, though you can have mine, it’s a pile of arse. But do get an XL if you want to be more comfortable, the upside of the original 3ds size is that I keep it in the left pocket of my hoody so I’m always getting street pass hits, and my 10 coins for a thousand steps, handy for a couple of games that can use them, though not imperative.

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