Did You Tell Her About The Night Of Two Posts*? Tell Her About The Night Of Two Posts*.

What’s that you say? A Pokemon-esque JRPG featuring ghosts and a magic watch that’s made by Level-5 and raked in a billion dollars in Japan and is now winging its way to 3DS over here in the West?!

Holy Handhelds, that warrants a second post in a day*!

The inspo (that’s inspiration, said by a yoof) for this post was a Verge article confirming a U.S. release this autumn which didn’t mention the UK, but if you’re in the know (checked Google just now for two minutes), you’ll remember Nintendo confirming Europe distribution last year or some dang thang like that. So yay!

*Regular users will have noticed this post landed the wrong side of midnight so really  it’s a different day. But as there are no regular users other than us three and those in the GRiG dungeon being made to watch by The Grig and his Whip I don’t think that really matters…

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2 Responses to Did You Tell Her About The Night Of Two Posts*? Tell Her About The Night Of Two Posts*.

  1. Dibbs says:

    Dude, nice work on the posting tomgriggery! The ol’ brain was recollecting something about this game coming our way, maybe I read that Euro release information from back yonder that you mention. Hope this games good. I really liked Ni No Kuni, even though I doubt I would go back to it, but it was fun at the time. I had many an hour to burn back when it came out, mostly sitting up literally all night with Ellie when she was first born. Just over 90 hours I put into it. That’s a lot of late evening/early morning baby-holding action! Now I can’t get five grigging minutes on something without being summoned. Sigh. Stupid grown up stuff getting in the way of my games!

  2. bedgell says:

    Yeah my ni no kuni adventure was a fair bit shorter lived than that – but not through lack of enjoyment as much as just can’t take the play station with you. But a 3ds is a whole different ballgame… Sort of. I mean, I rarely actually take it anywhere with me. But it does come along on my toilet breaks – so that’s something right?

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