Dibbs of the Grig Gaming ahoy!

Well here’s something a bit different. So I had the worst idea ever, but rather than stop myself from doing it, I just blocked out the myriad of voices telling me to stop and went ahead and did it anyway. Yep, I’ve decided for this post to step it up a notch. And by that, I mean make the worst YouTube channel known to man.

My thinking went thus – why spend hours scribing for the Grig when I can just stick on a game and warble a bunch of buh over the top of it in about a third of the time it would usually take me to ploop out one of my posts?

And so, I set up a channel, made a li’l logo, grabbed some random title music off my archaic computer that I recorded about 8 years ago, setup some recording stuff, and I was away… in probably even more time to put it all together than I would normally take on a standard post anyway. Fail.

The results of my recording-related tomgriggery (and poorly handled sound) can be found below. I apologise in advance…

Well… there ya go. Hmm.

I did vet it via Lucy before I put it up by showing it to her. She fell asleep. So I waited till another day since she must’ve just been tired. She fell asleep again. I’m not joking. Oh well, if nothing else, at least there are many great life lessons I can take away from all this. Namely that I am definitely not fit for purpose. And I’m not even just referring to being a person on YouTube who makes videos. I mean as a human being in general. But I will soldier on undeterred!

For now.

Oh yeah, and part 2 is also on the channel if you head there.

This is Dibbs… of the Grig, apparently… signing out. Enjoy your day.

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2 Responses to Dibbs of the Grig Gaming ahoy!

  1. lartens says:

    Haha, dibbs lets play with picture in picture. Vlogger ahoy. Only pt 2 of your vid was searchable on youtube on xbox, is the other private? What are you using to record anyway?

  2. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    I got one of the older Elgato Game Capture thingys. The 30fps one. There’s a newer one now that does 60fps that i would think is pretty cool.

    I thought i’d set both vids to public so i’ll have to check and see if i screwed up. Got some ideas for some other vid’s I might try so I’m gonna have a crack at some other bits when i get some time. Lucy freakin’ loved these first two… not, ha ha!

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