Atari Jagu-open-wide-and-say-aaaaaaaaah

Yes, my name is Griggle Piiiiiiiigle! Y’know, all the E.T. boohockey last week reminded me of another li’l nugget of Atari-flavoured tom-griggery that may tingle your gaming taste buds.

While the failure of E.T. lead to its mass dumping in a desert landfill, and its more recent exhumation, there is another ghost of Ataris past haunting establishments perhaps a little more locally, even today. Check this shizzle out.


Recognise this? That’s right. It’s an Atari Jaguar, only painted an appropriately ghostly shade of white like some kind of apparition from beyond the gaming-grave. But quite what is this curious variant? Well listen up, dear Greaders.

While the Atari Jaguar was a final nail in Ataris gaming hardware aspirations after the commercial folding of the alleged 64-bit console, a video game machine ’twas not to be the last guise that the design would take on. For indeed, the casing design of the Jaguar was snapped up by dental company, Imagin Systems, for their latest camera hardware and hung like majestic artworks on the walls of clinics far and wide. Yeah, Atari has a pretty strange history.


‘Tis an interesting end to the short lived and seldom loved closing chapter in the former behemoths repertoire. An odd one, indeed, but interesting. If there’s one thing you gotta give to Atari, it’s that they certainly don’t skimp in novel ways to do away with their old goods. I wouldn’t be surprised to see first model Atari Lynxs turn up as snowboards, canoes, or replacement masonry. If you’ve ever held one of those beasts, you’ll know what I’m talking about. Those suckas are huge!

Lynx CompareAtari Lynx 1: A size comparison picture.

So next time you go in to have your pegs checked, take a moment to stop checking out the hygienists top and have a look around the room, coz you might just see said item of discarded bric-a-brac. Nice to see Atari taking a more environmentally friendly approach in more recent times I guess, recycling rather than just another mass dumping. They can leave the destruction of the Earth to the residents of Grig Towers. If Walter Peck was worried about an Ecto Containment Unit, he would lose the plot looking around this tip. The fumes emitted from the Grig Mobile alone are probably enough to finish off the polar ice caps on our next run to Cost Cutter to see if they’ve had a fresh shipment of Frosties.


Ah, Frosties. The demise of the Earth has never seemed more worthwhile.

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6 Responses to Atari Jagu-open-wide-and-say-aaaaaaaaah

  1. Dibbs says:

    Just realised you don’t open wide and say ahhhhh at the dentist. More sterling work to be proud of. Sigh…

    • lartens says:

      if they’re holding the drill thing and looking at you with a maniacal glare then I think you would. Though it would be ahhhh with caps lock and exclamation mark in that case

  2. bedgell says:

    Yeah you might – pretty sure I have…

  3. Dibbs says:

    Whatever it is, it’s not often a subject whips up this kind of frenzied debate and/or excitement here on Grig Orig, let alone hits the big 4 in terms of comment numbers. This one’s set to run, and I’m thinking it’s gonna be one heck of a ride…

  4. bedgell says:

    Only the hottest debate finds it to the pages of grigorig. I heard the New York Times was keen to do an online tie up because they felt their own content was lacking the same kind of gravitas. I told em to stick it cos you can’t package this sort of discussion gold and sell it to the MAN.

    • lartens says:

      Those dirty sharks, Marissa Mayer was trying to pull us in too, I said only if we get 1000 brown M&M’s in a brandy glass and bring back Alta Vista. There were only nine ninety nine. I should of slapped her with my shoe, but I was professional about it.

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