Blast from the past, SEGA, Dreamcast hanging in there, E3, Game Network

I just found this recording on an old VHS tape labeled back to the future, because it had the movie on there, but also it’s like time traveling back 13 years when there was satellite channel with video games, weird times. I’ve uploaded to that video sharing site again for others to see. In 2001 we had Gamecube, gameboy advance, XBOX, ps2, Dreamcast was still around but no longer being manufactured.

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  1. Dibbs says:

    That was a great vid! Good old Game Network. I once tried to do a Grig article on what happened to Bettina, but there was grig-all about her so had to scrap it. Think she just ended up working at some company doing stuff unrelated to games or something. Bah.

    Ah, the poor old Dreamcast. Unappreciated in its own time. Still one of the best consoles ever. Funny how many people I see these days go on about how much they love the Dreamcast now, but passed it by at the time in favour of the PS2. Those were the guys who killed Dreamcast! They all regret it… too late!

  2. bedgell says:

    Waaaa! Is there a video embedded? I can’t see that sucka! Maybe CPA I’m on iPhone – which is also smashed to bits after grace got some pom-esque rage while playing happy mrs chicken at the weekend. Asha – she’s already getting the hang of true gaming (anger management…) anyway where was I? Oh yeah – where’s the vid to be found?!

    • Dibbs says:

      There’s a happy mrs chicken game?! I actually got hype out of finding that out. Must’ve truly turned a corner.


    • lartens says:

      yeah looks like the embed stuff doesn’t work on ios7 unless you either tilt the screen and it pops up or kill safari.

      I think the iframe version works now, and only frameborder=”0″ needs to be deleted for it to validate.

      So i’m just going to retro fit some video, and I also tweaked one of your posts because the deprecated center tag was giving me errors.

  3. bedgell says:

    Yeah it’s every bit as clever as the one on the programme. With five other games to make up for the fact it’s so ridiculous… Even grace finds the actual one too basic… I shouldn’t sound surprised – it involves repeatedly tapping the screen to make a chicken lay an egg. I’m insulting my dear daughter to suggest that might stimulate her brain…

  4. bedgell says:

    Whoop! Working embed ahoy!

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