Welcome To Swine-Town: Population: You!


Reckon you might find yourself in Swindon, UK on Friday night? What, wait – you do? UGH! You disgusting heinous filth! What kind of degenerate pervert would even go to Swindon, let alone admit it online?

Well, I’ll tell ya who! We would – for a night of retro programming wonderment!

Because as part of the ‘Museums at Night’ events, the Museum of Computing in Swindon is holding a ‘Bedroom Programming Challenge’ on Saturday 14th May from 20:00 until midnight.

What’s the Museum of Computing you say? Why, only a supergeek Mecca with 3,000 precious relics of the bygone gaming age!

And this weekend, the museum will be going back to the 1980’s when machines such as the Sinclair Spectrum and the Commodore 64 were deadly rivals. This was a time when anybody with a talent for programming could write cool games in their bedroom and become a millionaire. Although not promising that, visitors will be be able to write their own computer game which will be entered into an online competition. No programming experience is needed as the museums resident experts will guide people through the entire process. The museum welcomes individual or team entries, but places are limited.

Museum curator Simon Webb commented ” it promises to be a fun evening, we hope to show people how far games programming has progressed and let them try it themselves. It going to be an evening to release your inner geek!”

As well as trying their hand at programming, visitors will be able to seek inspiration by playing on some of the vintage computers and games consoles on display including a Commodore 64, BBC micro, Sinclair Spectrum, Nintendo Entertainment System, Sega Megadrive and many more.

Age range: 8 to 80
Dress code : Pyjamas please but other nerdy evening wear is acceptable.
Admission: £6 per person which will include the staple diet of programmers everywhere, pizza and cola.
Booking is essential, anybody wishing to reserve places should email geek@museumofcomputing.org.uk


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