Virtua Fighter 2 returns and brings a couple of friends!

Jiminy jungle chugs! The dormant pages of Grig Orig are ablaze once more! Time to get in on dat action, and by jove, if the time wasn’t bang on right! For indeed, a passing mention I noted on twitter today alerted me to news I would have perhaps missed as my current-gen media blackout persists due to lack of interest.

I was spurred into action!

Venturing onto the unfamiliar pages of the current crop of video game sites, it took near detective-like skills to unearth what I was looking for amongst the numerous articles about DLC thievery masquerading as fan service and Call of Duty Soccer 2013, or whatever it is.

But there it was: Sonic the Fighters, Virtua Fighter 2, and my personal fave of the bunch, Fighting Vipers are looking to be hitting XBLA!

Skimming over an article where an evidently golden age missing whipper snapper spewed venom about the titles being rubbish while questioning who would buy such games, I observed little in the way of information… other than the writer was an obvious buffoon. However, further investigation from other avenues revealed that the games did indeed seem to be confirmed by the age old news font that are the ratings board classifications.

Registered for assessment back in September for Xbox 360, it would certainly seem that Sega are surprising many with persisting in their rereleasing of yet more old and rather obscure titles as recently seen with Nights into Dreams. Admittedly there’s not much left that they could actually scrape out of the bottom of their rehash barrel that they haven’t already churned out on every conceivable device (which reminds me; Crazy Taxi is coming to iOS), but still, classics like this cannot be sniffed at!

I personally, am very happy about this turn of events. Fighting Vipers was probably the 3D fighter that agreed with me the most back in the day, and having been playing the Sega Saturn conversion over the last couple of days I can confirm it still delivers a great gameplay experience!

Whilst no news is yet known about possible release dates or even an official announcement, the Grig will be without question keeping his eye out for these beauties!

Bring it on!

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