videos galore from game trailers, 10 minutes of bioshock gameplay, batman, skyrim, final fantasy and more

you know the drill there’s a lot of content here, watch what you please, i recommend the bioshock infinate gameplay, catherine, batman arkham city etc

bioshock solid 10 minute game footage

boishock infinate ( Ken Levine Interview )

batman arkham city (streets of gotham interview

catherine torture chamber (cam)

catherine story interview

dead island beach bashing (cam)

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Interview

kirby trailer
more after the break……

E3 2011:DC universe Fortress of Solitude Raid Trailer HD

Frank Gibeau Interview – nothing special, just mentions we’ll be blown away with what vince and jason are doing at respawn

skylanders: spyro’s adventure (cam)

assassins creed revelations gameplay (cam)

Final Fantasy XIII-2

rage by id software gamelpay and interview

captain ameraica super soldier prologue trailer. coming july 19th 2011

sould calibre V: meh

soul calibre v gameplay interview

final fantasy xiii-2 developer walkthrough

asura’s wrath

dragon’s crown debut trailer

resistence 3 walkthough

playstation vita line up interview

prototype 2

forza motorsport 4 yellow ferrari gameplay (cam) back drops look really nice

inversion gameplay (just another third person shooter thing by the looks)

wii u extended testimonials //bit lame //less lame, wii u, and 3ds

some comedy to break the barage of games

star wars old republic fluid raids interview

green lantern

ace combat: assualt horizon

binary domain developed by sega

sonic generations (city streets gameplay)

inversion trailer

battlefield 3 pillars of battlefield interview

Killer Freaks From Outer Space exclusive for wii u

pirate of black cove (pc q2 2011)

neverwinter trailer

swords of the stars 2 (pc)

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