RetroN 5 may no longer be a myth



It’s close, it’s so very close, sources say that the retroN 5 will be in the hands of suppliers end of June, that’s only 2 months away, surely after delay upon delay it can’t be a ploy to lower our guard, surely Hyperkin know the retro fans will be after blood if just one more date is a lie.

The Retron 5 promises 10 retro game consoles in one (though that’s counting the same system in a different territory again). using original cartridges from the NES, Famicon, SNES, Super Famicon, Megadrive, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance you can play them on one working machine with the convenience of one hdmi output at 720p.

If you don’t like the wireless controller you can always use your own NES, SNES, Megadrive controller and customise the mapping.

IF you hadn’t already pre ordered you may be finding the final price a tad more than previously estimated due to some manufacturing alterations including upgraded chips. Hopefully this will mean the device will be less likely to fail.

###### UPDATE #######
Reports are the Americanos are getting a $40 hike, totaling $140, bare in mind the UK price was around £90 so expect £130, unless you pre-ordered and used a coupon like me then it’s £86 baby, riding that victory train woot woot.

Lartens GRiG news, out.

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2 Responses to RetroN 5 may no longer be a myth

  1. bedgell says:

    How much is a tad more though eh? Cos tis quite a tasty plan…

  2. Dibbs says:

    This machine looks like the best thing ever made. Finally I will be able to run my PAL SNES games at 60hz! If I ever can get one that is. Which is unlikely. Poxy PAL buh.

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