Puff the magic dragon, lives by the sea

Ender Dragon
I hope that title isn’t copyright infringing, anyhoo, i can no longer contain my excitement, i like dragons, they’re cool, there’s been some good movies with dragons “DragonHeart”, “how to train your dragon”, “Eragon”, and classic cartoons “Dungeons and Dragons” of course, “jane and the dragon” a cgi favourite, and video games have played host to them for many a year too, “Panzer Dragoon Saga” anyone? But now/soon, a dragon maybe coming to minecraft, @notch aka Markus Persson has been playing around with creating a dragon in minecraft, most the weekend he was tweeting new pics of his airborn dragon, at first he was grey, then sporting a myriad of technicolour, and now is finally seeing a more permanent skin and finalizing the model shape, i think the last tweak was the wing span. This dragon has been dubbed The Ender Dragon in one tweet where he says tomorrow he animates, this was 23 hours ago as of writing so that must have been today, hurrah. I have cheekily stolen the images and put up on the grig for easier perusal, sorry notch or imgur.com

In other minecraft news, the android version is supposedly out for modern devices running android 2.2, check it out. it’s also been previously stated that Mojang are going to stop adding features around the 18th october and focus on polishing the game a bit more for the official release in novemebr. @jeb_ has been working on a lot os spell and enchantment type crafts lately, very active on his twitter account, we expect to see these rolled out in 1.9, some are in the 1.9 pre release v3 already.

Ender Dragon initial colour

Ender Dragon Initial Colour

Ender Dragon with colour

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