No Mr Bond i expect you to DIE!

Golden Eye xbox cover art
Okay so its the wrong Golden movie for the news, and 3 actors early too, 5 if you include that other guy who did that movie between the Sean Connery stints. Oh and the not so much news but we’re blogging it anyway is……., pre order time for Golden Eye Reloaded, headed to XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 on the 4th of November, woot woot. The Americas have some pre order bonuses apparently, can’t see anything on the UK retailer sites, ah well.

If you played the wii version you no doubt know that it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t the same as the original, especially the mutliplayer that made the N64 version do great, that was disappointing, but boy was it annoying on the fuzzy wii graphics. At least now we can finally play the game without setting the wii up especially. pre order price is £39.90 which is a little too steep for me, this would make a wonderful Christmas prezzy when its cheaper, yay.

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