Mojang win March Mayhem 2011 the Developers Showdown

escapist magazines march mayhem winners posterOver at they seem to have an annual contest by which you, the voters, vote for game developers in a series of rounds. This takes place during the majority of March and ends in April. Last year another favourite game developer Valve clinched it, this year however, the wild card of the bunch and initially seeded 16, Mojang takes the glory, who are the inspirational indie game Dev’s that are still bringing us Minecraft as they make it. Which explains notch’s tweet yesterday where he jokingly says “My lawyers are telling me to be more humble, but I can’t hear them over how Sheen I am. (yes, that’s a thing now. Being Sheen)”. From what i’ve read of Markus Persson(notch), he really does seem to be a genuinely nice guy, and i am really looking forward to the documentary about him and Mojang by For more on March Mayhem Showdown check out for the full story. Go Mojang, Hurruh 🙂

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