Microsoft 5000 bluetooth mouse on a macbook sometimes fails to pair after update

This is just a quick post on how some folks have made their microsoft 5000 mouse pair with their macbooks again after updates 10.6.6 -8 or at all, i just bought one and where it worked on the bootcamp windows partition straight off, it gave a pairing error on the mac. The answer is to reset the smc on a macbook, see for details but basically for a mbp at least, when the computer is off, but still plugged into the mains, press left shift + control + option and the power button simultaneously, and let go simultaneously then turn on the computer, i didn’t see anything happen, though i wasn’t looking at the light on the magsafe, but it did pair after the reboot, when adding the device again, not automatically. So some of you who already had it paired after an update may need to remove it in the bluetooth settings first, maybe not, i can’t comment on that, its just ideas bouncing around. For macbooks where you can take the battery out apparently you do exatly that, hold the power for five seconds then put the battery back in etc. None portables are just leave unplugged for 15 seconds. Its all in the link above anyway.

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