Live streaming is expensive, notch pulls the plug at 17000 viewer hours

Its been an interesting afternoon, i spent some time animating an awesome tornado in flash (i joke). While half watching (sorry notch) the live stream video feed of Markus Persson as he writes a dungeon explorer style game for the Ludum Dare competition. A few a hours in notch checks his account to see it at 17,000 viewer hours, one of the account packages for the $350 a month has it at 3000 inclusive viewer hours and £0.27 per extra viewer hour, i make that $3780 of incurred costs, which notch has just said on the new justin tv stream that it was like $4000, so i’m not far off. Its billed like 1 user for an hour is a viewer hour, 2 at half an hour each is a viewer hour etc. And as the stream was going since about 11 with nothing happening for a couple of hours, there’s been some wastage.

I’ve gotta say though, that notch can type fast, and that code he’s typing, what this guy can do in a few hours is amazing. It makes me even more excited as to what features are going to be in the next update to minecraft 🙂

So check out notch now at and also see the updates of everybodys progress in the blog posts of

Mine is still in the early stages, here’s a screenshot of my excellent tornado, remember the theme is escape.
game screenshot

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