Just over 2 months until Fez

Fez XBLA artWoah woah woah woah, what? Long time in the making indie title Fez, is finally coming to XBLA 2nd of May according to xbox.com.

Fez sees a little 2d creature named Gomez, embark on a journey in a 2d world seen by 4 perspectives, kinda making it seem 3d. Now 3d can mean many things in the gaming world, the most recent being 3d with glasses, but traditionally its 3 dimensional objects in a 3 dimensional space in the game world that is then calculated with distances etc to find the color of the closest pixel to the camera origin that is not obscured by another onto a 2d frustum or viewing area, as apoosed to 2 dimensional flat sprites like the classic 8 bit NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) days. Fez is a 2d classic game, but the 3d world that it referes to is 4 perspectives in 2d, for instance, if Gomez is jumping along platforms on a very cuboid tower, then when he reaches the edge of a side, the view pans round to the next side and he continues scrolling along, in the world he is now moving into the distance, but to the player he is still in the 2 realm moving left and right. This is hard to explain, but it looks beautiful and will have plenty of puzzles to challenge the player. So come May 2nd, check it out.

Original release date: 5/2/2012
Developer: Polytron Corporation
Publisher: Xbox LIVE Arcade
Genre: Action & Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle & Trivia

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