Get in the ring. Aminal Team have entered Dream Build Play 2011

After 2 years of riding high on success (sarcasm), Aminal Team enter the Dream Build Play competition once more. 2009 saw a less than finished attempt of a 2d christmas platformer, which was later released on xbox live indie games sometime in january 2010, late due to bugs and multiple peer review attempts.

Now with a whoping 37 units sold, Aminal Team embark on another game creating journey, which nicely ties up doubles with my final year project. ofcourse i only have less than 2 months to finish/start the game for the project, but dream build play gives plenty of time to polish this beast to perfection. And perfection it needs to be, last years finalists look aesthetically pro. With a ton of nifty programming backing them up. The competition get’s stronger each year. But 2011 will see this dog have it’s day. NOT

Submissions end June 14th and Aminal Team will likely use every last day. Largely in part to that being abiut 6 days after Graduation lol.

The cash prizes make the effort totally worth it. Not to mention microsoft are giving away the 12 month trial membership of the app hub free upon sign up to the competition. This means that developers can test games out on their consoles. I t doesn’t however let them peer review or submit games. Only a full membership has that. But the trial comes in handy for testing 2 player testing.

• Grand prize: $40,000
• 1st prize: $20,000
• 2nd prize: $10,000
• 3rd prize: $5,000

As always the winner of the competition has the chance to secure Xbox LIVE publishing contracts. Just like James Silva did with The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai in 2007, which led to a book published by apress with teriible errata and some arogant comments on the errata page, could of been a great resource but wasn’t. Oh and the game was incredibly boring, but it looked good, dark and gory.

Lumi (last years winner) on the other hand looks to be beautifully cute. check it

Lumi pictured below, winner of 2010 Dream Build Play
Lumi game image

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2 Responses to Get in the ring. Aminal Team have entered Dream Build Play 2011

  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    Aminal the Christmas Game pwns that Lumi! I joke, i joke!

    • bedgell says:

      Damn me and my fat fingers! This is a five star story and no doubt and I’ve gone and given it four. Sorry!

      I’m totally putting in a pre-order. For another game. Ashasha I joke

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