Dibbs Ahoy in productive use of time shocker!

And now for something completely different – some artwork for your delectation.

Juri Finished 1

What, this old thing? Why it’s only some artwork I did of my old ‘main’, as the FGC would say, Juri Han.

Done as artwork for a custom stick that I was gonna put together… before I had a kid and an obligation to Grig Orig to care about, thus having to hang up my brawling mittens prior to having a chance to conquer the known Street Fightin’ world with it. Sigh.

Still, I like to think that somewhere in an alternate reality, an Evo champ version of myself wielding that very stick is out there hitting the heights of stardom, kicking virtual ayne all over the show, driving round in my custom Knight Rider car, and eating Dominos pizza out of… er, bras or something. Oh what could have been!

But just maybe, one day that high rollin’ fellow will get sent into my current reality to see how much better things could be in the life that’s actually panned out spent writing for Grig Orig. Sort of like the good reality Nicholas Cage goes to in Family Man, except about typing crap for this blog instead of cavorting with a prime Tea Leoni.


Finally I think I’ve found something convincing enough to pass off my flagging Ultra Street Fighter IV online stats and pathetic performances on. Grigging alternate realities. Tssk!

‘Til next time.

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