Desert Island Discs

OK, so now I’ve said it I’m gonna have to have a go at naming them. And you realise you two are going to have to as well? For me, what you take to a desert island isn’t necessarily my five favourite ever games, but the five i reckon i’d want with me if they were the only ones i was able to play. games you can play non-stop for ages without going mental… so… and wait – this isn’t my final laminated list. this is the first stab – you know, like when i’m still wondering if i could get isabella rossellini? or was that post-lamination? anyway, what i’m saying is that i’m writing this at 10 o’clock so this is just a draft…


1. Super Mario Kart (obviously. the ONE game that will never, ever fade from glory. there is absolutely zero doubt there.)


2. Sega Rally (i mean, a risk. two driving games? and i haven’t played this in an age. but it’s perfect for the endless repetitive infinity that is life on a desert island. i could play desert stage and throw sand in my face for that 4D experience! plus when i go blind from eating nothing but coconuts, i can do the whole “not watching not watching” joke for real… assuming i’ve made some kind of wilson-style phil-head to appreciate that little move of course…)


3. Super Street Fighter IV (tricky to decide which version of Street Fighter to have. It’s def this or Alpha 2. in fact, i think it might just be Alpha 2. But there’s just a couple of things i’d miss from SSFIV, and they might bug me if i were trapped on a desert island and couldn’t change my mind. better character range on SSFIV too… the only downside is that street fighter only rules when playing with real life goobers. solo versus the AI? i’d very soon be going nuts. wiiiiiiiiilllllllsssssoooooonnnnn!)


4. Call of Duty MW2. (I feel kinda lame putting this on there as so many millions of people would have the same idea. but though it’s so much newer than most of my classics, i genuinely have racked up the most time on this out of any game ever. so bodes well…)


5. FF7 (now this is a weird one. i haven’t played it in 10 years, but my love hasn’t dimmed. it’s no an endless repetitive one like all the others. but it’s chunky, it can be replayed, and it’s so absorbing it might save your sanity. the risks are a) it’s not as good when you already know the story. b) once i’ve played it again, then i have to put it down for another decade. but hey, i’ve got time to wait until it comes around again…)

that fifth slot is the trickiest. cos FF7 isn’t an obvious desert island game. other options would be crazy taxi (surprisingly. didn’t get so much play pre-desert island as i could never quite go beyond sucking. but with enough practice…), nights (same as crazy beauts – reckon if i had the time to give it a go for real i’d be glad i took it) and SNES Lemmings (but only if you could do the two-player mode. and relying on that is a risk. even if you were stranded with anther person, you might have to eat them or something so you gotta hedge your bets…)

anyhoo – over to you goobers… top 5 desert island discs please…

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  1. Dibbs says:

    FFVII a weird choice? I’d say a spot on choice! The more I replay it, the more I get from the story – that sucker just keeps on giving!

    Good job I refrained from reeling off a quick fire top 5 in a comment I left earlier in which I nearly went for it. Luckily i took my gaming too seriously and held off. Being a loser finally paid off – close one. This list is gonna take some careful considering…

  2. bedgell says:

    See ff7 breezes into a top 5 games. And stuck on the beach for the first play through you’d be thinking ‘you mama, of COURSE I wanted ff7 on the frickin island’. But when you finished it, could you pick it straight up again or would it need a rest? Probably gonna need a breather before starting over again… And there ain’t much else except monkeys and coconuts and then you’re thinking ‘hooh, I wouldn’t mind a bit of crazy beauts right now…’ It sneaks in on the basis that one out of five like that is ok – but you couldn’t do five closed end games I reckon?

  3. Dibbs says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t finish it and then start over again right away, doubt I would with any game, so it’s a good job I’d have four more beauties with me! But I do think an easy hundred hour play through every now and then would be doable. Y’know, in between flushing out the long drop and playing with my coconuts… if the island had those kinds of trees of course. Plus of course making a raft out of bits of that old Lockheed Electra I got kicking about the island. Could be tricky trying to make it through customs with this old 1930’s passport I found as a chick under the name Earhart mind you, but worth a punt. Honestly, the crap on my island! Ho hum!
    I need to get on with my list. Whittling down the potentials and then see where I am after that. This is tough!

  4. lartens says:

    ff vii has so much to offer if you had time so definately a good choice, and anything with time attacks so snes mario kart and sega rally a gooden.

    if you chose alpha 2, then 3 of your games can be on an unlocked psp, psone ffvii, snes mario and alpha 2 on the capcom playsystem. some solar panels and a usb battery charger and this could be a reality.

    so are the rules it can be internet connected? coz mw2 isn’t much without tue multiplayer.

    i don’t know how i feel abot you making a wilson of me hehe

    • bedgell says:

      Hehe yeah, and he’d totally have your silverchair-era haircut made out of seaweed.

      I mean, really, the game has to work without Internet cos, come on, it’s a desert island. But I might take mw2 for the single player kicks anyhoo – I mean, I’d still want a shooter in there. And given enough time, who knows? I might be able to make a makeshift wifi router out of coconuts and fish bones.

      • lartens says:

        damn that puts WOW out the running, not that I play it much, but thats because its such a time sink hole. but Its a great game, as is Animal Crossing new Leaf, I spend a good 30-40 minutes a night doing shores for the bigger pay out of bells. Its just grinding just to get a bigger house and cooler public works projects, freaking grig

        • bedgell says:

          yeah that makes it a good one for the island tho. actually, when you think about it, the internet is making games less involving. games like sims, sim city, and stuff that you lose hours in are much less common now.

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