Darkstalkers are not dead!

Street Fighters retro stablemate Darkstalkers is fresh from the grave today, ressurected in full on PSN glory as Capcom confirm that they will be bringing the fisticuff related tomfoolery of Morrigan (star of a million breast-centred items of Deviant Art work) and co to our screens on the 29th Nov (well, actually a bit later for us Euro punks).

Reports have been flying around for a while now since one of those pesky ESRB ratings tipped us off, much as it has done in the past for the likes of the recent return of Daytona USA, but this is the first official word on the matter.

Hilariously, despite launching in only a couple of weeks from now, CVG today mused ‘Capcom hasn’t specified whether this will be a straight port of the game or if it will be giving the monster-themed brawler a high-definition make over’.
We can answer that one for you:


What this quite obviously will be is the PSOne game that launched many moons ago, complete with its stripped down animation, such was the aforementioned machines wheezing underperformance in the 2D department. Capcom certainly wont be bandying about any type of filter related shenanigans with this, lest they would be singing and dancing all over the show as we speak. No my fellow Griggers, this is a straight cut and paste job if ever we smelt one, and clearly an easy conversion to make a quick buck.

But it’s fair enough though.

We certainly wouldn’t sniff at the release of Darkstalkers in any incarnation, however we do wonder that if this is Capcom testing the water for a much rumoured new Darkstalkers game, we’d have to concede this is probably not the best way to go about it. The PSOne game was notoriously inferior to its arcade counterpart (Have at thee Sony. Have. At. Thee.), and was a shadow of the superior Saturn sequels that followed. Fans of the series generally tend to know this and may be put off the purchase, but we stand to be corrected! But, for all you ‘stalkers out there hungering for a new instalment, this should at least put a mild smile on your faces and keep you going for a bit! You never know, as Capcom said themselves, ‘Darkstalkers are not dead!’. Unless they were trolling. Or just meant this rerelease. Which is likely.

Next time on Grig: Capcom ponders starting work on Street Fighter V pending the results of the rerelease of the Spectrum version of Street Fighter 2 on Virtual Console.

Yeah. I made that bit up.

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