Autumn Anarchy From Sega – *drool*

Sasha Reigns

Sega has a decent record for third-person action gems – from the old school of Virtual On through to the delights of Vanquish and Bayonetta, they’re expert at the big-hitting, high-tempo arcade experience. So at Grig Towers, there’s more than a little drool sliding from our game-addled lips at the sight of a new addition to the oeuvre – the shock and awe of Anarchy Reigns.

Due in Autumn for Xbox and PS3, this all-action brawler is a little temptress – sluttily attired with slick visuals, reeking of the cheap perfume of Platinum Games (the Osaka-based developer that brought us Vanquish/Bayonetta, as well as Mad World and Infinite Space), and waving a saucy finger in the direction of multiplayer co-op thrills allowing all kinds of hijinx from Tag Team to Battle Royale.

We’ve got our hands on these brand new vids from Sega HQ to get you in the mood – so grab some bog roll, shut the windows, and prepare to get dirty – this is some of the filthiest action you’ve seen in a long time…

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1 Response to Autumn Anarchy From Sega – *drool*

  1. lartens says:

    Didn’t see this sneaky little post, now i get why you mentioned the validate button. nice work grig1.
    i like platinum games so far, and this little teaser looks good, i doubt it’s gonna dissapoint, though i’m judging based on the £10-£18 i’m likely to pay for games.
    Did you have a tasty little vanquish action yet?

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