Zelda Symphony tickets London Hammersmith Apollo now on sale

That’s right, Geeks get sophisticated with an orchestra of video game tunes from the long running series The Legend of Zelda, visiting London on the 25th October 2011. The tickets went on sale at 10:00 GMT and many were snapped up on ticket master, i didn’t even see the cheaper ones, just the *Gulp £62 ones, which i had 2 in row F of the balcony area, which is dissapointing as later ticket master were showing tickets in the cetre of the stalls, so my advice to you if you still have time and have the money for the mid priced tickets, the very front will cost you around £110, go to http://www.hmvtickets.com/events/4090?REFID=MAMA_APOLLOinstead, is has a much better selection, and are very slightly cheaper, but not by much, 2 mid tickets would be £125 instead of the £128 i paid, eeek. Thats the price for sophistication folks. It aslo mean there’s bound to be 3DS’s abound for some street pass action, make sure you charge her up before you go. Good times to be had by all.

Ps. i haven’t had an email or couldn’t find anywhere on club nintendo about a promo code, though allegedly there is one as ticketmaster had the option for it. Let us know if you did.
Alex posted very kindly in the comments to use “ocarina” for the 15% off. Yes i’m somewhat embaresed that i didn’t look up the promo code for the US tickets which was zelda. thanks Alex ^_^

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  1. alex micklefield says:


    OK…. so the code for the 15% discount in America was ‘zelda’, typed this on Ticketmaster.co.uk and suprise suprise it doesn’t work so my next best guess was ocarina and hey presto it worked!! Not exactly difficult huh?! Go get your tickets now!!

  2. bedgell says:

    i can absolutely guarantee that as i’m not going that this will turn out to be completely awesome.



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