So this is what I’m into at the moment…


8-bit pics with real life backdrops. Mmmmmmm – something about these suckers is just mighty fine. If you see any of these bad boys, send me my way…20140107-101021.jpg


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4 Responses to So this is what I’m into at the moment…

  1. bedgell says:

    Tho of course these are all 16bit games. Still called 8bit as a style tho right?!

    • Dibbs says:

      I guess even 32-bit coz that E.Honda is from Alpha/Zero. I mean, Alpha 2 came out on the SNES too, but I don’t think that’s the sprite they used here. Cool stuff though!

  2. Dibbs says:

    …plus I just remembered Honda wasn’t in Alpha ’till the third one.

  3. bedgell says:

    Oh yeah – which ironically kinda makes it look too real and you sorta lose the point of the pic. The blockier the better for these sumbitches. Which ones featured the car bonus round – the old games and sf4 right? So it’s a double mashup using an alpha sprite… Those cheeky devils…

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