So here’s hoping…


I’ve been to the past. I’ve been to the future. I’ve been all around the afterlife. Oh and the internet. And I can find a million and one people who are getting the crappy freezing glitches and stuff that I’m getting on The Last of Us, but no one who solved it. But i DID just find that there’s a ps3 update i haven’t applied. downloading that sucker as i type… fingers crossed people, fingers crossed…

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  1. bedgell says:

    hmmm – maybe not as i just got a black screen for three minutes before the title screen even came on. and the music’s all juddery. and now it’s stuck at loading 1.38%… it is amazing how many people have had major game breaking problems – awesome game as it may turn out to be, it is totally full of major bugs…

  2. bedgell says:

    ps know anything about a secret menu on ps3 where you can do HDD checks and stuff? seems like most people sorted their problems by changing HDD…

  3. phil says:

    i read the hdd thing for people who downloaded the game. i’ve got cables and probably software to migrate a hdd. and then i guess do a factory reset.

  4. bedgell says:

    Well, I did have an hour long glitch free game… And very awesome it was too…

  5. bedgell says:

    Now had two games with only v minor glitches. I ain’t jinxing nothing but it’s a big improvement… Scary as hell though.

  6. admin says:

    maybe its just the beginning with glitches, I thought I replied to this, have we been discussing this somewhere else?

  7. bedgell says:

    Yeah on twitter. I would guess it’s hdd related – but rather than the hdd being broken, or the quality mattering, it’s whether it has to install across a disk. It clearly installs a lot to disk as it runs and I guess if that’s all spread out across the hdd then it gets glitchy. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes it sucks ass

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