SFxTekken isn’t done annoying you yet

So how are you? We all good? Gone back to SSFIV AE 2012 yet? Good. Just wanted to make sure that we were all on the same page before we talk about YET MORE bad news for Street Fighter X Tekken, coz unbelievably, we’ve got a little epilogue in the sorry saga of the aforementioned game just to close this woeful chapter.

Lets cut to the chase with the latest confirmation: there will be no Xbox patch to add the ‘pair play’ feature.

Despite vague references about speaking on the Xbox problems that many hoped were hints at the highly pushed feature actually being patched in to the game, nothing ever came. Until now! For indeed, straight from the horses mouth, Svensson took to his Unity mount to face the million dollar question and commenteth thus:

Q: When is the local online pair play for the Xbox 360 version of Street Fighter X Tekken coming? I hope Capcom has found the time to patch in a feature that was a big selling point. — Jesse

Svensson: There is no patch planned for this issue.

Blunt. And that’s not rhyming slang. At this point, the disgrace is beyond any possible reason to think that Capcom will ever do anything decent ever again. This response is certainly expected.

So where does that leave us? I’ll tell you where: with a full priced new game at a generational point where others are squeezing more juice out of the machines than anyone thought possible, but where Capcoms effort has broken sound, broken gameplay, broken gem selection with a coming broken fix, broken online, broken match making, broken modes, broken DLC plan, and even worse, broken promises.

Evidently Capcom have better things to be pouring their efforts into at this junction. Banning users who have been talking on Capcom Unity about this fiasco, for example. Real friend of the fans you are, Capcom.

Obviously, as consumers, we’re clearly stupid and as Capcom say, don’t understand that annoying everyone, making them wait for months to make finished content available, and ripping us off = keeping the game fresh. Personally I’m still waiting for the magical revelation to occur that Svensson said would make everything make sense and get us all onside that was supposed to happen as they spoke more about the game, coz funnily enough, it’s all the things listed that’s killed the game off for me just a few weeks in, but ho hum! I’m sure Capcom are right! Perhaps in a parallel universe or something.

Walk away, everyone. Do not under any circumstances buy the disc locked content or support this company in any capacity.

We’ll remember this Capcom – the Grig never forgets! You’re officially on our list along with EA!

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  1. JB91 says:

    All i can say is fuck capcom ripping people off like this they should have just released the game for the ps3 instead of bullshitting with 360 owners hopefully tekken x street fighter is nothing like this sham of a game.

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