SFxTekken update is go!!! And not what we want.

Y’know it’s funny. Last time I spat in someones face and then handed them a price list for my services, they told me in rather choice language where to go. Yet, here we are just weeks after Capcom was exposed to the world as being the low down dirty scum they are, and already they are unrepentantly throwing caution to the wind and doing just that very thing!

The statement we’ve been waiting for regarding the current disgraceful state of SFxTekken, and more importantly what Capcom are going to do about it, has taken a rather unusual turn. While the masses hung on to know if the Xbox pair play feature that missed the inclusion deadline is on its way, what we instead have is a declaration of how much we’re going to have to pay to unlock the myriad of things already on the disc that they made sure were ready to go.

Not ones to jump all over a person before we’ve heard them out, we hand the stage over to Capcom Unitys Brelston for the reveal he posted earlier at capcom-unity.com:

“Hot on the heels of its March 6 release date, SFxT is about to kick off regular updates – meant to keep the experience fresh all through the year – with a blend of free and paid DLC. There’s a whole bunch o’ content coming, so let’s break it all down…

Up first on April 3 are Swap Costumes that take the “alternate costume” DLC idea one step further – instead of offering basic alts, these outfits cross the fashion line by dressing SF characters as Tekken characters and vice versa. See Raven dress as Guy, Cammy as King and uh, Kuma as R. Mika…(?)

Swap Costumes are available for $1.00 (80 Microsoft Points) each, or if you wanna dive in for the whole assortment you can pick up the Street Fighter or Tekken collection packs for $13.00 (1,040 MSP) each – buying one pack saves $6.00, grabbing both saves $12.00. April 3 also brings three free color packs, each containing four new additions to the palette for added customization options. Topping off the April 3 additions are three new quick combos, making for a total of five pre-programmed attack patterns. While spamming these pre-set combos is tempting, don’t forget each use saps some of your Cross Gauge!

Shortly after those items arrive, look for a free tournament support title update that will add a new and faster way to select your gems from the versus screen via a dial system. We’ll actually run a live stream this Monday at 4pm PT to show off this update, so head to our Twitch TV page for details. The tournament update will also include improvements to the online sound issues discussed in Ayano-san’s earlier blog.

Looking just a few more weeks beyond the tournament support addition, the next big wave is a massive selection of free content delivered as a title update. This includes three new Assist Gem packs and six new Boost Gem packs, which add over 60 gems to the selection pool. This sizable infusion of new gems exponentially increases the customization options for every player, so we should see some interesting new loadouts once this DLC arrives. To that point, we’re also tossing in three more gem slots per character in which you can save your preferred loadouts. Finally, this update comes complete with a free replay analyzer, which enables you to dissect each fighters’ vital statistics.

The biggest additions come soon after the PlayStation Vita version launches later this year – the 12 characters debuting on Vita will come to consoles as a $20.00 (1600 MSP) bundle. I know many were worried past character pricing would push the cost of this update sky high, so I’m happy to say Blanka, Sakura, Guy, Cody, Elena, Dudley, Alisa, Bryan, Christie, Jack, Lars and Lei will not break the bank.

One additional note – the dev team is also already working on solutions to the infinite combos currently making the rounds on YouTube, and will have them patched up once these other updates are out the door.

I know this was a massive wall of text, so for further clarity, here’s everything we discussed above. This all begins on April 3 with Swap Costumes, color packs and quick combos, and then rolls out over the next several weeks:


Nine new gem packs totaling 60+ new gems
Replay analyzer
Tournament support for gem selection
Three new quick combo pre-sets
Three additional gem loadout slots
Three new color packs with four colors each

Swap Costumes – $1.00 (80 MSP) each or in two $13.00 (1,040 MSP) Street Fighter and/or Tekken packs
DLC characters – $20.00 (1,600 MSP) for all 12 new fighters

So there you have it. Rather spiffing, wouldn’t you agree. And indeed, the 12 extra characters are arguably well priced….
WERE THEY NOT ALL ON THE FREAKIN’ DISC ALREADY!!! The absolute nerve this guy has to declare that the additional characters won’t break the bank is unreal. Capcom will have spent no additional development time on them yet want to be paid as if they had done. And with the $20 fee on top of the $60 the actual game costs, that bank balance is looking shakier than Seth Killian before his next community Q+A. And that’s before you even start adding on all the other extras Capcom are holding out upturned palms for. The overall cost to have this game unlocked in its entirety is staggering considering its just one game. Oh, but lets not forget those lovely generous freebies now! Tssk! Everything that’s ‘free’ is all stuff required because of Capcoms incompetence, except for the gems which are the same ones that were packaged as an incentive to buy the special edition, so everyone who bought that are sure gonna feel chuffed with what they essentially ended up getting for the extra cash – a $10 penny box!

Honestly, I’m gonna end it there because I’m gonna burst a blood vessel if I have to think about this appalling excuse of a game and the disgraceful practices of the company that makes it for one second longer. Seriously, there is not a customer in the land who could possibly be happy about all of this, at least in their right mind.

Street Fighter x Tekken should have been the pinnacle of what fighting games are all about and an epic culmination of the best that two gaming behemoths could bring to the table once they collide. Instead, the game is nothing more than the culmination of Capcoms greed that’s been building over the last few years until it resulted in a game where the incision of key gameplay features came second to Capcom nickel and diming it’s fans for every penny they could get. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Street Fighter x Tekken.

I spit at thee, Capcom. I spit at thee.

I were Namco I would want to distance myself as far away from this game as I could. Oh what a cauldron of excrement they allowed their characters to be stirred up in! Here’s hoping Tekken x Street Fighter has been watching closely, coz Capcoms effort has been a heck of an example…

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