Ooops, we forgot to mention, Minecraft is officially launched, but you knew that already

So last weekened was the big MineCon in vegas, where 5000 met to celelbrate the release with @notch and the rest of Mojang. As we here at grig can’t afford a plane ticket, 3 nights in a hotel, and the cost of the convention itself, then we didn’t go, but you may have seen that we didi share with you how IGN were streaming the event, which was nice, the Yogcast panel was a waste of time with that annoying guy yelling in the microphone every now and then in a high pitched voice, i wouldn’t bother with their interview with notch either, nothing of importance there.

So Minecraft 1.0 is out of beta. It now has an end, theres a whole level up thing happening, and there’s more things to craft and build and mine, awesome. Just one problem, there’s no time anymore, this is november, it’s gotta be the single most popular month of big release games EVER, hot on the heals of an already full on release from october, if you didn’t beat Batman already, then you’ve been compounded with Sonic Generations, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3, Skyrim with its 300 hours of play lol, Zelda Skyward Sword, Goldeneye Reloaded, Halo anniversary, rayman origins, Saints row the third, did i miss any, OK, we’ve not got all them games, but i’ve atleast got 4 of this months big titles, though goldeneye is done, MW3 is not as interesting as skyrim or zelda, which by the way, my 2 hours with zelda has been magical, definitely pick this sucka up., If you don’t have a wii, but have a decent computer, why not try out the Dolphin emulator, it can give you pretty good graphics, but will take some processing. i’m struggling to get good frame rates and limit the glitches at the mo on the MBP, if i get that sucka worked out i’ll post the settings.

Anyway, what am i blathering on about, congratulations notch and mojang, on releasing minecraft 1.0, can’t wait to meet that dragon. Oh, and Minecraft on IOS is not that great, it looks nice, but doesn’t suit the form factor. it would be better as a viewer to you previous online worlds rather than a simplified builder.

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