3D scanners! How frickin cool eh… Just think of the stuff you could scan – your face! a dog! nude ladies! Maybe beyond that it’d be a bit of a waste of money.

this is where I read it. I ain’t typing the rest you sumbitches…

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  1. Dibbs says:

    We’d’ve (does that work?) definitely found a way to abuse this back in the day. I’m thinking Lois would be involved somewhere in some kind of Weird Science style woman making scenario. The bra-on-head thing would of course be default.

    On another note, I’m liking this new material! Better start having a post or two myself!

  2. admin says:

    people are comparing the home 3d space to the early hobbyist computer era. Which means some time in the future we are going to see affordable mini replicators which i think is awesome. I’ve only held being an early adopter of this tech because I want something more refined and standardised.

    Scanning of course is only really useful along side the printer, and isn’t as exciting, but then i’d also like a mini cnc machine, there have been several instances where if I had the right small plasticky thing it would come in very handy for something. Like something to stop the kinect from pressing the buttons on the top of the tv without using blu tac or something as a spacer between.

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