Namco Are Finally Tekken Tournament Seriously

Rate your Tekken 6 skills? Enjoy punishing lesser beings with your immense combo capabilities? Fancy winning some games-relates swag while you do it? Then dribble contentedly at the mere mention of the King Of Iron First Tournament – the brand-spankers Tekken-fest coming to London’s Trocadero.

NamcoBandai have teamed up with the UK’s Tekken Community to create Tekken Force – monthly tournies held at HMV Gamerbase, with prizes from hardware and Gamerbase vouchers to, gosh, actual money.

Of course, if my battling experiences down at Eastbourne pier are anything to go by (warning: they’re probably not) then you’d best be prepared for everyone else to have unimaginable whupass-skills that will make you look a the biggest spanner in the noob’s own toolbox. But fear not: the Iron Fist battles will take place on bog-standard PS3 so at least you’ll be on home turf there – and there’ll be a round robin before you crash and burn in the finals, meaning you’ll at least get a couple of games in before stumbling home in tears…

Tekken Force will kick off on the last Friday of every month, and run from 7 to 11pm. Or til about 7.03 if you’re as bad as me.

If you fancy your hand, register at, but move swiftly, people: spaces are limited.

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