Minecraft gets a release date 11/11/11 pure poetry in numbers

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At the risk of literally repeating everything notch has said over at his blog http://notch.tumblr.com. Mojang had a meeting today and decided to say that Minecraft will be released on the 11th November 2011. Now i know what you’re thinking, it’s already out! But my compadres, it’s still technically only in beta, this has been one of those great recursive development methodologies where stuff gets added, it’s released, they get feedback, stuff gets added, while at the same time the punters are reporting bugs to be fixed, its like outsourcing development processes, except it’s to the happy customers, mind blowing business model there notch. 🙂

What else, oh, looks like we can expect the next new update next week, certainly in the next couple of weeks it seems, and it’s not just a little bitty update, it’s got some weather happening, bit of snow bit of rain, all of which makes changes to some of the environment, ice will re form in colder areas, and there’s even boltz of lightning on the way, sounds exciting, i love storms, what better storm could there be but a blocky minecraft one 🙂

But that’s not all…..

It seems that notch had a little grumpy mood with some JSON, which is basically key value pairs that gets sent as a string hither and thither, some RESTful web services use this file format instead of sending xml with SOAP. Anyway his JSON woes seem to be related to the achievements and stats functionality that is to be added to version 1.5. Can’t wait, this game gets more awesome by the minute. Just need to finish my final year project so i can dedicate some time to finding diamond, i feel like such a cheat when i give myself some from the server. Keep up the good work Mojang.

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