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Ni No Kuni had its DS release all the way back in 2010, but it’s only now that Japanese devs Level 5 are finally gearing up their PS3 role-player for a full console release – and it looks like that’ll be on November 17th!

To celebrate, the wonderful folks behind The Kunester (full title Ni no Kuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joō – meaning Second World, The Queen Of White Sacred Ash), have loosed this beaut of a vid showcasing the lush animation from co-developers Studio Ghibli, the wonderfully idiosyncratic characters that will have Ghibli fans leaping for joy, and the gorgeously rendered game worlds that show that Sony’s ageing hardware is still producing the goods. In fact, even Sony themselves are swept up in the excitement – announcing yet another special edition PS3 to go with the launch – more after the jump.

And yet… And YET! This beautiful creation is STILL a Jap-only release! So why the buzz over here in the Kuni-less West?!

Well, hopes of an English-language version aren’t dead yet, Second World-fans. In the last year, Level 5 International America swung open its doors – spreading Akihiro Hono and co’s reach from Tokyo to North America. No specific US releases have been announced, and there’s no word on an English translation for El Kunos, but the rumour mill is buzzing after the company’s announcement of a mid-October “world event” – to be held in Tokyo, but surely intended to reveal Level 5’s global plans?!

And that’s why your beloved Grigs are today launching a Facebook petition to convince Mr Hono to put on his translating hat and get us our own version – subtitles would be fine (better, even, from experience) and even a US release would do, considering the relative ease of getting a PS3 import. So, if you love your Ghibli, get over to Our Ni No Kuni English Language Campaign Page and join the cause!

The Special No Ni Kuni PS3

No Ni Kuni PS3

And in case you’re not tempted enough already, here’s a pic of the special edition PS3 we mentioned – a slimline 160gb version decked out in “magical gold with pearl touch” finish (with a Dual Shock to match). And there’s even a Shizuku decal on the front – one of the game’s main characters. Cheeky.

The support from Sony isn’t that revealing – there’s approximately 4 billion special edition PS3’s at our last count – but we’d like to think they’ve spotted a Ghibli gem and would support our campaign to send Ni No Kuni across the pond. Eh, Sony? You in, huh?

Good good, thought you would be.

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