‘Kup, Hotrod, look!’

Grig mongers! Now, I ain’t intending to keep posting stuff from Dibbs of the Grig Gaming all over the show here at Grig, but this one you gotta take a butchers at – Transformers Devastation ahoy! And it looks freakin’ sweet! Get ready to run riot with Prime before a showdown with the big man himself – Devastator! Let’s get busy with the Griggy!

So there ya go. Looking pretty darn awes, no? Except for my gameplay. But I’m hoping for good things from the rest of this game coz what I played so far was pretty flippin’ good!

And so, I’ll see ya next time. Same Grig time, same Grig cha…

Ah shut up. Laters.

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3 Responses to ‘Kup, Hotrod, look!’

  1. bedgell says:

    Freakin jemimas – can’t get the video to play… Hang on…

  2. bedgell says:

    Ah it’s ok I got it!

    • Dibbs says:

      Well we can never be accused of a lack of excitement here at Grig. If ever we are, I’ll direct them to these two comments. From the ‘oh no, it’s not working’ epicness of the first post, to the ‘oh wait. Yes it is.’ of the conclusion, this is pure blogitorial gold!

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