IGN are gonna live stream some MineCon goodness woo hoo

News of the day is that if you are a fan of Minecraft, but do not live in the states, and cannot afford to go to MineCon over the 18th -19th of Novemeber, then fret not, as Mojang have partnered up with IGN who will live stream this bad boy. Ye hah, we won’t miss out entirely, plus as notch is going to be pushing the button at minecon to upload the official release binary of the game, then we at home can start playing that sucka straight away from the comfort of our own holmes while streaming the event (best with multiple computers or duel screening). Sweet. FOr more info that i couldn’t be bothered to paraphrase, go to the article on ign.

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  1. Dibbs Ahoy says:

    I really need to get into this Minecraft malarky, see what all the fuss is about even if I will be late to the party. Besides, the way Capcoms going I’ll be looking for something else to get into to replace Street Fighter and I’m sure all those millions of gamers can’t be wrong. Except in the case of Angry Birds. And FIFA. And Need for Speed. Grig! What’s wrong with people?! Ho hum!

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